Sunday, 26 February 2012

Overdue 2days...

Nothing much i wanna write...
preggy mummy already overdue for 2days today...
how am i situation?..
huhu, can't explain..
two night can't sleep
feel like wanna deliver mybby but still bby inside ibu's tummy

ibu juz wondering when my heroes will come out 2 c da world
2 c ibu, dedy, sis farisha, grandma, grandpa & ols who waiting 4u?
OMG, we all can't wait 2c u dear...

lets read dis article :)

Being Overdue

Why labor is late

As the exact trigger that sets off labor is unknown, it's not clear why some women are overdue. You are more likely to be overdue if this is your first baby, if you've had an overdue baby before, or if the condition runs in your family. Some think it's more common in well nourished women, and there is even evidence that pregnancies are longer in the summer than in the winter. If your due date was figured out from an early ultrasound, this gives a more accurate dating of pregnancy than the date of your last menstrual period, and you'll be less likely to be classified as overdue.

What will be done

After 41 weeks, there is a slightly increased risk to your baby's health that may be due to the reduced efficiency of the placenta. After 42 weeks the risk increases, but is still small. Depending on hospital policy, you will be offered an induction around 41 weeks (see Induction of Labor). The following may also be done.

Stripping the membranes

After 40 weeks, your doctor may do an internal examination to "strip the membranes." She'll insert a gloved finger into the cervix and pull the membranes in a circular pattern. This can soften the cervix and increase the chance of you going into labor by 30 percent in the next 48 hours. It's safe for you and your baby, but can cause cramps and slight bleeding.

Assessments after 42 weeks

Many doctors induce labor by 41 or 42 weeks. If your pregnancy goes beyond 42 weeks and you don't want to be induced, your doctor may offer monitoring with scans to measure the baby's pulse and volume of fluid around the baby; or you may have a NST (see Monitoring During Labor) once or twice a week until labor to pick up any signs that the placenta is failing. If a problem is found, you'll be advised to have a cesarean or an induction of labor.
Going over your due date can be stressful, but it may help to remind yourself that it's also extremely common and quite normal.

How you're feeling

You might find the physical and mental stress of being pregnant beyond your due date considerable but it can help to know that unless you have a medical condition, being overdue does not significantly increase your health risks. You may worry that your baby will grow too large, causing difficulty in labor, but your baby isn't likely to put on enough weight in the last week or so to make a big difference and most overdue babies have a normal birthweight.

Resource: familyeducation

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Yana Libra said...

moga semuanya berjalan lancar ye~~ :)

Lady Emilya said...

Semoga semua dipermudahkan nanti :) Take care :)

Aida Omar said...

Semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan.. InsyaAllah.. dan moga semuanya lancar dan baik2 sahaja :)