Saturday, 14 January 2012

Video 3D SCAN my coming baby :)

~ Kiut kan kaki die.. mmg aktif ini budak kicik dok lam prot, hehe
~ Umur baby: 31weeks=7bulan ++
~ Date & time video been taken: 24/12/2011, 5.30pm
~ Veneu: Kuantan Medical Centre (KMC), Kuantan, Pahang
~ Doc/ Paed: Dr. Suriati Sulong (doc ni sgt peramah, sy sgt suke, hehe)
~ Harga: RM 120 (3d scan+consultation+DVD+print out copy 1pc)
~ Kakak farisha dulu kne RM 100 je (tahun 2010 kakak scan, 2011 adek plk scan, advance betul, haha)

  •  3D scans are still pictures of your baby in three dimensions, like the photos you sometimes see in newspapers and magazines. 4D scans (with time as the fourth dimension) are moving 3D images of the baby.
  • With 3D and 4D scans, you see your baby’s skin covering the internal organs. You're able to see the shape of your baby’s mouth and nose, see him yawn or stick his tongue out, and get an idea of whether he looks more like Mum or Dad. 
  •  Occasionally, they can show more detail about a known abnormality. Because
    these scans can show more detail from different angles, they can help in the diagnosis of cleft lip.
  •  3D scanning can also be useful to look at the heart and other internal organs. 
  •  The best time to have a 3D or 4D scan is when you are between 26 and 30 weeks pregnant. Before 26 weeks your baby has very little fat under her skin, so the bones of her face will show through her skin. After 30 weeks her head may go deep down in your pelvis, so you might not be able to see her face. 
Seronokkan mempunyai pengalaman mengandung? Melihat perkembangan janin sendiri di dalam rahim ibu itu sendiri?.. Tp xsemua bernasib baik utk mengandung & peroleh anak.. So, yang tengah preggie tu enjoy jelaa dat moment :) bkn lme pon 40 minggu jer.. heheh.. 
Now my baby da 35 weeks, kalo kakak Farisha dulu kuo on 38weeks, yg 2nd ni xtaw la bpe weeks plk nk kuo.. ikotkan ati ibu mmg xsabo daa nk tgk n sentuh die..
waaaaa, bile ingat2 blk pngalaman brsalin kakak Farisha Humaira 20/9/2010 yg lepas, rse seram sejuk, taku, epy, exsaited sume da brcampor baur
Doakan muge ibu & baby selamat nanti yer?.. 
Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin...

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