Tuesday, 17 January 2012


 Ini pulak contest by aimie aka ainal malas diet, 1 of my FB Frens & WOW members

Hadiah kontest ainal ni mmg lumayan kwn2.. ni die: note RM100
sape nak?sape nak?meh join kontest ni...hehe
Contest dateline from 6/1/12 until 6/4/12 & the result will be announced on 30/4/12

1st of all meh laa sy cite ckit camne nk join ainal ni punyer kontest, ngeee.. sng jerr, meh ikuti langkah2 di bawah:

2) Include aimie aka ainal malas diet in your blog list
3)Write a blogpost about this contest with title "Cutest Baby Contest"
4) Put in your baby photos (max of 3photo) in the post n mention ur kids name n birthday
5) Include this month contest banner n link it to this post: http://usaftermarried.blogspot.com/2012/01/cutest-baby-contest.html
6) Leave a comment with ur email add n direct link to ur blogspot


Now i would like 2 introduce my cutest baby 4 ainal contest :)

 on her 1st day of seeing de world :) omg i still can't imagine how i can preggy her for 38weeks & she born perfectly as a wonderful n cutie lil gurl... ;p

 & she's grows up as my sweetie lil pie ;) make me smile oll de time.. can't imagine life w/out her

 & now she's already 1y3m.. ohh so fast she's growing up.. hopefully she will become a gud person & make me proud of her :) waahhhh, i think all mummy's & daddy's wanna their child becoming someone who's usefull isn't it? :) amin amin amin ya rabbal alamin :) may Allah s.w.t hear that..

ops diz is detail about my lil gurl 4ur info ainal:

Her name: Nur Farisha Humaira Ab Rahman
Date she was born: 20 September 2010

Tq ainal 4 this great contest & i'll find ur blog is attractive & also lots of info that i can get :) hopefully u will success & get lots lots & lots followers :)

Da Baca ? Sila Like , Donate N Komen Kalau Sudi .


aimie said...

Tq NAM...geram tgk pp Humaira....:-)

miya said...

ehh,, baby girl rupanya. cutelah. hihi.. nak join jugaklah. semoga ada rezeki kita semua. :)

ina_nam said...

aimie:hehe..welkam dear...arp2 ade la lucky kat ppi c humaira 2 :)

miya: tq jgk...hhehe join jgn xjoin dear.. :)