Tuesday, 10 July 2012

McDonald’s: Buy 1 Free 1 Chicken Foldover

Suke mkn chicken foldover?
omg dats my feverettt!!!!
kalo p mc'd msti oder ciken foldover
& ibu faris&farisha jgk shuke mkn dabel cheese beger ;)

nk bg kupon free dr mc'd ni kat kome sume

McDonald’s: Buy 1 Free 1 Chicken Foldover

“BUY 1 Chicken Foldover a la carte & Get 1 For Free”
 from 12 – 25 July 2012.

Now, you can flash the coupon
 on your mobile phone at your 
favourite McDonald’s restaurant to 
enjoy this special offer.
 You can also print out the coupon to redeem. 
Limited to one coupon per receipt, 
while stocks last. 
Offer valid in Malaysia (not valid via MDS, Genting and airport). 

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Yana Libra said...

jom ramai2 pergi mcD..hehe~ :p

nn lylyn said...

lom pernah rase lg..nape die wt free ek sbb xlaku ek..

sHaR!Na eLyaNa said...

kaka suka banner tu? yeahh..hehe..wah nak mcd..hehe